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In a thin client/daemon setup, the test email is sent from the client machine, but the real emails sent by Ya RSS2 when adding torrents are sent from the daemon, so if you have problems sending emails it might be caused by issues on your server.Knowing about these places is important and one must always stay alert so that he can avoid falling into traps and other risks of scams in the name of adult entertainment services.

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Running a server/seedbox with a Deluge daemon Start by registering a RSS feed in the tab "RSS Feeds".And why, late at night, when a woman is in the mood for love, is her man just lying there, snoring?Here's why our sex clocks don't always tick in time.Without this tag, Ya RSS2 cannot process the feed, as it has no way of knowing a new item from an old one.Most of these trackers DO include a timestamp somewhere in each item's entry, but if it's not in the pub Date tag, then Ya RSS2 doesn't find it. To add the pub Date tag into an existing RSS feed yourself, you can use a service from Yahoo called Pipes: Yahoo has pretty good documentation for this tool, so you should be able to figure out the Pipes tool after a little experimenting.

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