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Elliot finds the tech assailant, a rootkit, which is essentially a Pandora’s box of software that allows the user to access a network. Robot provides Elliot with forged evidence, ostensibly from the data breach, that implicates Terry Colby, Evil Corp’s chief technology officer, as the head of a hacking collective we’ll get to in a minute.While creating a patch to update and fix the security vulnerability, Elliot stumbles on a server named CS30, which contains the invading rootkit and a cryptic message: "Don’t delete me." After a moment of indecision, he doesn’t delete the rootkit and flies back to New York City. Did Evil Corp want a full report of the data theft? Elliot doesn’t have much sympathy for Colby, who is a CTO lacking the most up-to-date technology smarts. but only if he didn’t delete the rootkit (he didn’t). Okay, so now that Evil Corp has been hacked, is there another hack FSociety has in mind? Robot wants the group to transition from cyberterrorism to terrorism-terrorism and blow up Steel Mountain, which stores all of Evil Corp’s backup data on tapes.To get you up to speed ahead of tonight’s penultimate episode, here’s our breakdown of everything you should know about Mr. As a hobby, he enjoys hacking his friends to find out their secrets, obsessions, and other pecadilloes.For example, when he learns his therapist, Krista, is dating a married man, Elliot interferes and makes the man stop stringing her along.He also is suffering from some form of mental illness — at one point he’s in the hospital, and his chart indicates depression, anxiety, and mania — but the specific disorder he's diagnosed with hasn't been clearly defined.We mentioned Elliot is an addict — specifically to morphine — and he scores from his neighbor/friend-with-benefits, Shayla. Imagine a corporation with the seemingly omnipotent power of Google that also possesses the lax moral standards of Enron.He believes Tyrell is attempting to entrap him, and in a moment of panic, destroys his own motherboard, which includes his computer’s microprocessors, by throwing the chips into his microwave.

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The group will then be able to manipulate Steel Mountain’s temperature, and since the tapes are temperamental and will melt at a certain degree, FSociety can elegantly, and sneakily, destroy all the records. Is there anyone at Evil Corp or Allsafe, though, who suspects Elliot’s machinations? His father worked for Evil Corp and was diagnosed with cancer as a result of his exposure to certain chemicals at the job site.

USA Network isn’t known for innovative programming — sure, Suits, White Collar, and Burn Notice have their admirers, but the network isn’t a haven for the sort of storytelling that has come to define prestige television. Robot, a hacker-tech drama, broke not only USA’s mold but also the rubric of what a show ostensibly dealing with computers could be.

Creator Sam Esmail originally intended for the show to be a feature film, and so the first season is cinematic not only in its scope — the initial ten episodes represent the opening 30 minutes of his “film” — but also in its cinematography, score, and quality of acting.

His closest co-worker is also his longtime best friend, Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday), who is an account manager for Allsafe’s lone client, E Corp, a worldwide conglomerate that Elliot refers to as Evil Corp.

Angela dates Ollie, a fellow Allsafe employee whom Elliot hacked to discover that Ollie regularly cheats on Angela. Robot is told from Elliot’s point of view — he frequently breaks the fourth wall to chat with audience members, whom he refers to as his “imaginary friend,” so the reliability of events is sometimes very unclear.

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