Risks of dating older man

What annoyed me most was the assumption Tom was rich and I was only after him for his cash.

He had assumed I was a gold digger because he also couldn't understand what a young girl would be doing with a much older man.

Despite all the stares and the comments, 14 years later we are still together.

We married in 2011 and had a little boy called Tanoa, a Fijian name, who is nearly three and is already an uncle to his half-sisters' children. I told him the price of being with a younger woman was that many of us would want children, if not marriage as well.

And of course, the rise in potential health issues of offspring is well known when both parents are more mature.

Somehow, we ended up at an expensive Indian restaurant in Westminster.You Might Want To Reconsider Though while this sounds ideal, younger women may want to reconsider.Research shows that older men are at a biological disadvantage when it comes to fatherhood.Here I was, trying to impress an older man who’d been involved in the Falklands War and the invasion of Kuwait, and I could only utter words better suited to a fish wife.Months later, Tom admitted that, far from being uninterested, he just thought I was mad. Somehow, the younger men I had dated were less self-possessed and passionate - but Tom, precisely because he was older, exuded a confidence and ardour when we were together.

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