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Hi everyone, I've been giving the ikea duktig kitchen a makeover for a christmas present for my daughter.So incase anyone else was thinking about doing it, I thought I'd share what ive done so far.Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app Hi Kate!

What can I do to reassure her that I still care for her and want her?but its important to give her in a honest and good spirtual way that you really want her and this is just a period and maybe its also good to give her some trust like helping her and cooking giving her some advice for daily things when she understands it. The best way to deal with an aries and scorpio relationship is --- be honest with yourselves! Ask yourself why you are fighting with each other, take a little time out, relax on your own, and she'll be ready for you again. If you want to love your aries, you're going to have to give a bit of yourself - secrets wise- or they will love you and leave you. Take time out to consider your fighting, is it worth the pain?Are you both determined enough to go through with it? I am a Scorpio man and I have been involved with a very special Aries woman for well over a year now.We have a very intimate bond and I think that we could really offer each other a lot of good things both emotionally and physically. The thing is, that both of us have very strong personalities and we are both very opinionated.

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