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Why isn’t the moment where another woman pulls out her own Wookie impression played for more drama instead of skipping right over it? Look, I understand how television works but I also know it doesn’t have to be made for the lowest common denominator. Instead of making a spectacle out of them, how about changing the way people view geeks? Perhaps this is just a way to lure in viewers who want to laugh at and mock these people but TLC will pull out something unexpected instead.

And hey, let’s get a guy talking about how much he loves Slave Leia! Don’t even get me started on the play made to associate geeks with serial killers. I doubt it but I feel like I need to put that out there.

No boy is going to ruin Ellie's shining moment-her senior solo performance at the All band, all the time. Then Ellie discovers the flipside of secrets and how it feels to be shut out by the ones she loves. Second, what I know is this: trumpets think they're all that.

That's how trumpet goddess Ellie Snow has made it to senior year. Just keeping lock-step within the safe precision of the Winslow Marching Band. French horns are small, trendy, and somewhat unique girls. Clarinets are the studious ones that make the great grades, while flutes are prim and have excellent posture. Otherwise, I'll have to write my own band-themed book, and that won't be pretty.

Did you find it uncomfortable to watch folks that look like people you know, who have a tough time in social situations, being put on parade? I’m a geek, this is how most people still view us, and it’s an incredibly wasted opportunity.

Granted, this is just a two-minute preview, the rest of the show may show a wide range of geeks but I’m guessing they chose to focus on the ones people would gawk at rather than take actual interest in.

(that was sarcasm too) So she starts secretly dating him in the process she starts ignoring her friends, is extremely self centered, thinking everyone's problems are about her.

So her friends get mad at her, which they should be, and her freshman crush comes back and because she's so in love with her boyfriend she allows him to have a part in her solo.

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No boy is going to ruin Ellie's shining moment-her senior solo performance at the homecoming game. Not even Ellie can resist the trumpet player who could be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. But Ellie's not ready to publicize their romance, not even to her best friends. And trombones are the backbone o Let me tell you a few things about Band. I played trombone (mediocre-ly) from 4th-12th grade, so I know a thing or two about band. Ellie's inability to think about anyone but herself made the book a difficult read. If you were a band geek, you either WERE Ellie Snow, or you knew Ellie Snow.

Not all geeks are uncomfortable with the bar scene.

Some of them find love online, some of them meet through friends.

But she still has a tiny crush on this guy who embarrassed her in front of all her friends.

So they practice together and one thing leads to another and they start kissing and stuff, but it wasn't her fault of course.

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