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It was renovated in 1070 and dedicated to St Bartholomew.

In 1291 Bartolomeo Querini, the Bishop of Castello had a hospice built here for the elderly and the infirm also dedicated to San Bartolomeo.

Massari had won a competition in 1735 to provide plans for the reconstruction of the whole complex, but only the church was ever built. You might get a limited look around when the box office is open, but otherwise you'll have to stump up for tickets to listen to a concert of (reportedly unsparkling) performances of Vivaldi concerti to get a good look.

I asked an attendant and was told that it commemorates the fact that Saint Francis died at 9.30. The church was remodelled in the late 18th century, but the ceiling was preserved.

An aisleless nave with a barco (nun's choir stall) along the back wall with arms stretching half way down the sides.

The monastery was suppressed in 1806, became a barracks and was demolished in 1885 to make way for the building of a school.

You may notice that a clock has been painted on the right hand side of the faade and wonder why.

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