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I am looking for a classy, sophisticated gal to enjoy spending time with and possible something special? People think I'm crazy to date white guys only...I would never date an indian guy again..... Indian guys never treat their women as their equals always th scenario is as if they are meant to be inferior than them. So irrespective of race, I am looking for those few men in the world who are matured, responsible and a man of guts with the right attitude. I think we have still got the mentality of not marrying a foreigner. I am considered a beauty and I have tattoos which could be a challenge for some people. Hi jeff,there might be a problem at first but in india daughters a re the heart and life of their fathers if the girl asks for it many time then her father will accept and if her dad accept her mother cannot do anything amd when u will meet her father u have to act like a little childish dont try to act oversmart and if u show off ur chance is over..... The problem is that she is in an arrainged marriage.

If you are Indian and you feel in tune with this description write me at: stairwaytoheaven70 @ libero Hope to hear from you :)I'm an Indian girl from London, and have never dated an Indian guy. I'm not at all attracted to any Indian guy I've ever met, and the few Indian guys I know tend to be my friends, and nothing more.

If you are interested in spirituality, and you like travels and nature I will be happy to hear from you. This is my id: stairwaytoheaven70 @ libero Hi I'm natalia. I've nothing against Indian men they are good as well but I'd prefer a guy who is different from me.

There is nothing wrong in preferring a white guy over brown guy it's just your liking. Eventually you fall in love with the person itself not with his complexion hair or eyes. Be with a person who makes you feel good inside and outside.

I am a recent college graduate, I finished my first year of law school last month. (Sorry to sound so rude) bt white guys go out of their way and make sure their women are taken care off.... I respect their need to keep their history intact but it seems since India was controlled by Europe they would be more sensitive to and open minded to opening up to other cultures. i asked him to come in Mumbai n meet 1st but he planned i should come in Dubai and do job so we can go step by step.. If you are nice guy then I think they wouldn't mind. so that if she likes u.would be for wht u r actually.

I work full time as a project manager and private contractor and travel quite often around the US. Whereas indian guys can't appreciate what they have.... I am an Indian girl currently pursuing higher studies in USA. The thing with American guys is "They look as old as they are yet as ignorant as a teenager is" of course except a few men. I just got out of a two year relationship with an Indian male who treated me so good, but the distance took its toll. now i am confused whether to study in India or to go dr n try my relation.. i mean we never met but then too he keeps messaging.. he is not at all attractive but i like the way he doesn't hide anything n he always tell he is serious about me.. but I don't want him to sponsor me so i am taking my friend's help so he should not think that i used him for this.. cos he told for him from Italy to Mumbai then Mumbai to Italy would be very hard.. By the way, I'm a Christian, so my parents are fine if I choose to date a guy from a different race. I am a white man who has been seeing a Indian woman for the past two years.

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